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Set up an E-Mail account

Inbox Server (IMAP) configuration:

To retrieve mails from the server:

User: prename.surname@domain

Encoding: STARTTLS
Port: 143


Outbox Server (SMTP) configuration:

To send E-Mails:

User: prename.surname@domain
Password: same password as IMAP password

Encoding: STARTTLS
Port: 587
or Port: 25


Short description

Mailserver name: IMAP/POP3/SMTP

TLS - short for STARTTLS, an SSL/TLS-connection via a normal Port (25/143/110/587)

SMTP: port=587 (or 25) STARTTLS

Important notice:

You can easily log in via our webmail portal:


Username is always the full E-Mail address. For example:


Maximum length in E-Mails is 10 MB.

MS Office Outlook 2007

You can find the necessary settings to adjust your HeBoTek E-Mail account to SSL by clicking:

Tools - Account Settings - E-Mail - New...

Check the "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" box.

Incoming and Outgoing mail server is:

Click "More Settings..."

Outgoing Server -> check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box

Advanced -> due to security reasons use TLS and Port 587 for outgoing E-Mails.

POP3 resp. IMAP only work with the standard Ports: 110 or 143

If you are experiencing any issues, try to close and restart Outlook. If you are still experiencing issues, please take a screenshot picture ("Print"-key - start "Paint" - paste the screenshot) and send it to our Mailsupport as PNG or JPG data-format.

For outgoing mails (SMTP) please select encoding with STARTTLS (in older versions of Outlook called SSL) and Port 587. In addition you have to select "requires authentification" at the outgoing server settings.