innovation by open source


The current website of the Austrian Academy of Sciences was completely redesigned and implemented in CMS system Typo3. Our focus on this project was on responsive design and an elaborate editorial system to create numerous institutes.

  • Typo3 editorial system
  • Responsive design
  • News module
  • Calender and event tool
  • Institutes pages with different designs

City of Krems

The current website of the City of Krems was completely redesigned and implemented in CMS system Typo3. Focus of the project was on a sophisticated multisite management system to implement and create further service sites of the City of Krems with an own CI. Also, an adapted system for citizens to report issues was implemented and set up.

  • Typo3 CMS System
  • Winehouse calender
  • Death notices
  • Trash calender
  • Citizen issue reporting system


The current website of the Jeunesse was completely redesigned and implemented in CMS System Typo3. The core elements are the event and subscription elements, which are, on a regular basis, loaded into the Typo3 System from the external Systems evis and jetticket.

  • Typo3 CMS System
  • Connections to evis and jetticket
  • solr search
  • Subscription ordering shop with shopping cart function
  • Hosting and maintenance


EventimAnalytics is a global Web-App to analyse ticket sales. The Web-App is optimized for use on Apple's iPad. Data exchange with the Database is completely based on JSON requests.

  • Highcharts
  • Knockout JS
  • Analysis tool
  • Web-App


The website of the IG real estate management GmbH Intranet was extensively relaunched, several new Features were implemented and optimized. Main focus was on Single Sign-On, optimization of usability and functionality.

  • Intranet solution based on Typo3
  • LDAP/Kerberos Single Sign-On for Typo3 Backend and Frontend
  • Extended Search over Typo3 and Mediawiki content
  • Interface with employees CRM database
  • Typo3 FAL extension for organization of media data in Typo3 system
  • Self-organization of website features per Drag & Drop in the Frontend

Werberecht Online

The subsite of the Viennese economic chamber for rights issues on advertising and marketing communications was completely new designed and implemented in CMS system WordPress.

  • WordPress editorial system
  • Conceptioning
  • Design and Layout
  • Tag Cloud
  • Hosting


The website of the Austrian Federation for Supervision and Coaching was completely relaunched and implemented in CMS System Typo3. Main focus was on synchronizing the V8 member database with the Typo3 instance of the website, as well as the optimized supervisor search options.

  • Typo3 CMS System
  • Connection to a V8 member database
  • Optimization of the supervisor search function
  • Members area with Login and Registration
  • Tool for organization and output of events
  • Hosting and Maintenance


The website of the personal mediation agency qualityfox was completely new created. Main focus here was the implementation via the WordPress Core Gutenberg Blocks concept, the integration of the vincere.ui tool and the page for viewing and contacting of interim managers.

  • WordPress 5+
  • Completely implemented with WordPress Core Gutenberg Blocks concept
  • Responsive design
  • Features: Logo slider, Testimonials slider, Teaser boxes in different variantions, job announcements slider
  • Integration tool
  • Interim-manager page to view and contact interim-managers
  • Facebook Messenger integration

The Ambassy

We designed a completely new website for the construction project The Ambassy. Core element of the website is the contact form, which shows a detailed selection of the offered real estate objects. The website also distinguishes itself for its multi-language options. The website is optimized for tablets and PCs and offers the opportunity to slide various content elements and pages.

  • Typo3 website
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Slide content and complete pages
  • Contact form for real estate objects
  • Mult-language options (German, English, Russian)

Haubis & Haubiversum

Since 2019 we are taking care of the technical support for the websites and of the Haubis GmbH. This includes implementation of Typo3 security patches, Typo3 consulting, bugfixes of existing functionalities and further development as well as implementation of new functionalities on a regular basis.

  • Maintenance and support of Typo3 editorial systems
  • Security monitoring & implementation of security patches
  • Typo3 consulting
  • Further development & implementation of new functionalities