Consulting for your web project

We will guide and support you from the idea all the way to the implementation.


Project conception

You plan to redesign a website or build one from scratch, but you aren't yet sure in which direction it will go? We will provide you our expertise and help you to a successful concept in creating your new website.


Requirement engineering

Requirement specifications and target specifications provide help for clients as well as developers to not overshoot the target for the project and perfectly define the project's framework.

Requirement specifications vs. target specifications:
Requirement specifications are used to list up the client's requirements to the developers. The general rules for requirements in the requirement specifications are: be as general as possible and as restrictive as necessary. This way, the developers will have enough scope to work on the perfect solution for their tasks.

Target specifications are used by the developers to concretely describe how and with which steps the requirements set by the client will be implemented. As soon as the client has approved the target specifications, the project's developing process can begin.


Process optimization

Having long waiting times between processing steps is the nightmare of every project. We can support you to minimize those waiting times, in the best case they don't even appear. Let us give you the advices you need to permanently increase the efficiency of your working time.

Cost-benefit analysis

Does the goal justify the necessary expense to reach it?
We can give you a professional and project-oriented advice about your possibilities to use your financial resources in a way, where you can be sure that the benefits exceed your costs.


E-commerce consulting

You have any questions concerning online trade?
Through our extensive experience in e-commerce, we would love to give you advice about the obstacles, opportunities and possibilities in online trade.


Consulting on SEO

We are happy to offer you our knowledge and experience in Search Engine Optimization in a personal consultation and bring you to the top of the list in Google and others.


Security audits

Performing our security checks, we can quickly figure out how secure your website is and what aspects can eventually be improved. Also, we are happy to help you with your questions concerning the security of your website.


Realizability analyses

Mostly, clients show lots of creativity and ideas, when it is all about designing a new website. Our prudent analyses allow us to lend you a helping hand during the design process, so we can determine whether your designs and concepts are technically possible and don't exceed your budget as well.